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Population: 618,278 (1991) UNdata

Maiduguri is the Capital of Borno State. It is located in the Sahel Savannah region of north-east Nigeria at Latitude 11 05' North and Longitude 13 05' East and at about 350m above sea level. It occupies an area of 50,778 square kilometers. The climate of Maiduguri is favourable, with a mean annual rainfall and temperature of about 650 mm and 32C respectively . The month of March and April are the hottest periods of the year with temperatures ranging between 30 C and 40 C. It is usually cold and dry during the harmattan, November to January being the coldest months. Modern Maiduguri was founded in 1907 near the old town of Maiduguri which was founded in 1672 when the British installed Shehu Bukar Garbai who was moved from Kukawa, the nineteenth-century capital of Borno, to Maiduguri and the traditional name of the new settlements was Yerwa. It is the largest city in North-Eastern Nigeria bordered by the Republic of Niger to the North, Chad to the North East and Cameroon to the East. The population of Maiduguri was estimated to have crossed one million by 2009. There are many ethnic groups living in the town including kanuri, Shuwa Arab, Barbur/Bura and others. The city is accessible by road, rail, and air transportation, serving north-eastern Nigeria and parts of Niger, Cameroon, and Chad. Maiduguri has an international airport. The city has several tertiary institutes including University of Maiduguri, Ramat Polytechnic, College of Education, College of Agriculture, Mohammed Goni College of Legal and Islamic studies among others. Maiduguri has several tourist attractions such as the Shehu's Palace, a Museum which present collections from the history of Borno, the Zoo (Kyarimi Park ) and Lake Alau. Maiduguri is a town of festival. The notable ones are the Muslim festivals of Eid-el-Fitr and Eid-el-Kabir. These festivals are characterized by colourful activities such as Dabur and horse racing..

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