Welcome to University of Maiduguri Press

University of Maiduguri Press (Publishing House)

This Unit is under the supervision of Senate Publications Committee established in 1980. The current Chairman is the third since the inception of the Committee. Over the years, the support staff of the Committee remained steady until about 2008 when staff strength started diminishing progressively without replacement. Currently, the Committee has a lean staff profile and is in dire need of both a Senior Editor and an Editor. However, the members of non-academic staff on ground manage to keep the flag flying under the close supervision of the Chairman.

As the instrument of Senate in regulating, supervising and protecting the logo of the University in all matters relating to publication, the Committee is guided by the principle of excellence, using global standards as a yardstick.

To make contributions towards the positioning of the University as a world-class centre of learning through excellent publications.

To ensure that whatever publication carries the University of Maiduguri logo measures up to international standard and promote the mission of the University, which is essentially to ‘develop knowledge and character of all those that pass through her portals’.

Staff Distribution

Current staff distribution is: Professional Printer (1); members of administrative staff (2); Computer Operator (1), Executive Officer and a Cleaner (1).

The flagship journal is Annals of Borno. It has been enjoying international readership and is an authority on issues relating to the North-East Zone of Nigeria. Other journals within the University that have secured Senate approval through the Committee are entitled to the University subvention upon recommendation by the Committee.